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7 Key Leadership Traits We Look For When Hiring Executives

At Harbinger, we often talk about what makes a good employee, but today we’re going to switch gears a bit and share seven key traits we look for when searching for a good leader. We not only work with companies to recruit employees and consultants; we also specialize in finding quality leaders for those difficult-to-hire C-level positions.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy Adams

Since not everything can be found on a resume, here are some essential traits we look for when hiring executives:

Is the candidate a strong fit with the existing team culture? For a company to be successful, there must be a good fit between the leadership and the employees.

Do they have a passion for the business? Often, if a leader is passionate about the business, it will trickle down to the team and affect positive change company-wide.

Are they a leader or a follower? Not everyone is a natural-born leader. It is essential to find people who are comfortable being in charge, being accountable, and making tough decisions.

Do they demonstrate integrity? This is a big one. We look for people who will be able to create a positive and trusting environment for their teams while being moral and ethical.

Do they have empathy? It takes a special kind of leader to empathize with people at all levels of an organization. This is a fundamental leadership trait.

Are they OK with innovation? Leaders need to be able to evolve to keep the company relevant for employees and customers. They need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Are they genuine? We look for people who are comfortable just being their authentic selves. Leaders do not always have to have the right answer, but they must be willing to think on their feet and help problem-solve.

Do you have some executive-level openings at your organization? Give Harbinger a try. We don’t just hand you a stack of resumes, we partner with your team from start to finish and call upon our powerful leadership talent network to find executives that will thrive with your company. Learn more and let us know how we can help you!

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