100% Employee-Owned

Harbinger offers employee ownership to all of our employees.

Our plan is fully funded by the company, and as a Harbinger employee, you benefit without investing a cent. The value of the stock is largely based on how well the company performs. As the company grows, your stock value grows.

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What does a 100% employee-owned company mean to you?

As an Employee:

You can participate in a long-term retirement plan that is funded completely by the company. It’s free and no risk to you!
You have a direct impact in the success of the company. By delighting your clients, you are creating financial success for the company and you personally.
You have the opportunity to work with a professional team that has a “we’re all in this together” attitude. When one succeeds, we all do.

Joining Harbinger can be a financial “game changer” for you and your family. And all you have to do is your job!

There is room for you!

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