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Harbinger Partners… Delightfully Different

All consulting and permanent hire staffing firms will tell you the same thing: They have the best staff, the best clients, and the best open positions. I’m not going to tell you that about Harbinger Partners.

However, I could tell you that Harbinger Partners is made up of great people who take the time to get to know our consultants. I could tell you we work hard to match each consultant to a project and a client that will allow them to flourish. Because we do.

I could talk about how we are with you for the long haul. That we not only want to get to know you and help you find the perfect position now, but that our desire is to work with you throughout your entire career. Because that is our goal.

I could also mention that we have a family-focused culture. That we listen to our consultants and strive to give them not only what they need to be successful, but also added touches so they know they are an appreciated and important part of the Harbinger Partners’ family. Because they are.

But, I won’t tell you these things because all staffing firms do. Harbinger Partners is more and we’d like the opportunity to show, not tell, you how delightfully different we are from our competition. Because we are.

Scott Grausnick | CEO

Harbinger Team Members

Scott Grausnick
Sami Frain
Nathan Jones
Full Desk Sales & Recruiting
Colleen Pruyn
Full Desk Sales & Recruiting
Rebecca Reynolds
Full Desk Sales & Recruiting
Sandy Hassett
Full Desk Sales & Recruiting