Picking A Recruiting Firm Is Like Picking A Puppy

Spend any time on the internet, listening to the radio, or watching TV, and you will most likely run into advertisements for a recruiting firm. They are all the same, right? Well… no. While recruiting firms all have a similar result in mind, there is a big discrepancy in how that result is achieved.

In this blog, we will share the main difference between Harbinger Partners and other firms and hopefully highlight some things to be on the lookout for when deciding to hire a recruiting firm.

Picking a recruiting firm is much like picking a puppy from a litter. Do you immediately go for the aggressive puppy who is biting at your heels and trying to get your attention by barking loudly? Or do you go for the more mild-mannered puppy who is sitting quietly in the back, attentive and alert?

Unfortunately, in this business, many recruiting firms, like the noisy puppy, focus on volume when it comes to phone calls, emails, and resumes — whether the resumes are a good fit for your business or not. These recruiters have been known to send clients ten emails a day and actually increase the hiring managers’ workload. And isn’t one of the main purposes of partnering with a recruiting firm to make the hiring process easier?

We are not like that. Some would say we are the opposite of that. Instead of focusing on how many phone calls we make each day, our CEO Scott Grausnick focuses on, ‘Who did you delight today?’ Our goal is to provide our clients with candidates who will step into projects with the skills and personality necessary to make them a success, all while alleviating the stress of hiring so managers can concentrate on what they need to do to keep projects moving forward.

Our approach to recruiting is about building relationships and getting to know your team, so we can share candidates who are a good fit, not only in skill set but also company culture. With Harbinger Partners, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

We aren’t just giving you a stack of resumes to review; we are giving you thoroughly vetted candidates who will thrive on your team.

We are happy when you are happy. And we know that by partnering with you, instead of just selling to you, we will consistently provide you with the right candidates for your projects and delight you in the process.

To get to know the Harbinger team a bit more, visit or email with any questions you have. We look forward to getting to know you!

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