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Tips and Advice for How to Be a Job Seeker in Today’s Market

By: Erin Chinowth, Harbinger Partners

Are you now, or were you (and continue to be) looking for a new job or career opportunity amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Now is a great time to explore all the options that are out there. As a recruiter, I have taken a lot to time to evaluate and revamp some of the advice that I give candidates. Here are a few tips that I have personally done or recommend.


Use this time to assess where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be in your career. Make a road map of items to accomplish. Think about steps that you can take that will make you a more appealing candidate to the industry that you want to be in.

Personal and Professional Development

Take any downtime that you may have to learn new skills or develop those that you already have. Take a course or class that you have wanted, attend a refresher training, or get that certification that you have wanted to sharpen your skills.

Update Resume / LinkedIn Profile

Your resume and LinkedIn profiles are the first thing that HR or Hiring managers see about you. How can you paint an accurate picture of yourself? Refine your descriptions of the positions that you have held or hold currently. Emphasize things that are relevant to the industry or new opportunities that you want to grow into. Often it helps to have separate versions of a resume so you can precisely tailor it to the position that you are seeking.

Connect and Network

Connecting and Networking are almost as important as developing your skills. Set up informational meetings, connect with others not only in your network, but form new relationships. Reach out to new people and prospective connections. People are inherently social creatures. Many people instinctively want to assist those who reach out for information or ask questions. I have found that, especially in these times, others will be happy to share experiences or information they know.


Stay Positive

Though it may be hard, try not to get disheartened in the process. Many industries are trying to navigate through this. Now are unknown times, and it is an ever-changing environment. Give yourself some grace. There is and will continue to be a need for experienced talent in the market. Stay the course and know that we are all in this together.

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