Four Reasons to Work with a Recruiting Firm

A recruiting firm can be your ticket to finding your perfect job. But they do so much more than just play matchmaker. When it comes to job searches, recruiters are invaluable resources. They have access to unlisted job openings, share current market knowledge, provide background information about the hiring company and the position, assist with your resume, prep you for interviews, and help you negotiate a salary. A great recruiter gets to know you and your goals and partners with you throughout your job search.

And Harbinger Partners has great recruiters. When asked what they want job seekers to know about working with a recruiting firm, our recruiters shared this:

Recruiters Have Direct Relationships With Hiring Clients

Recruiters have strong relationships with clients and work directly with the managers who are making the hiring decisions. Those relationships are invaluable to candidates. Our clients depend on us to send candidates who have the required skills and fit the culture. The resumes that recruiters send tend to rise to the top of the clients’ review lists. Not only do recruiting firms have access to unlisted job openings, but often clients schedule interviews with our candidates based simply on our recommendation. Without a relationship with a client, it’s difficult for candidates to stand out from the other applicants.

Recruiters Are Coaching Experts

A recruiter’s job is to help you land your perfect job. To do that, recruiters coach candidates throughout the entire job search and hiring process. The goal is to make you stand out and shine brighter than your competition. This is even more important now that many clients are open to hiring remote candidates, and job opportunities are pulling from a national pool. Recruiters have a wealth of knowledge about the market, tips for tweaking resumes to get noticed, and recommendations for looking and sounding great while interviewing – in person and over video – and so much more. They are ready to guide you through the process.

There is No Cost to Work With a Recruiter

Recruiting firms not only work for candidates, but they also work for clients. The objective is to match the right candidate to the right job. When a client hires a candidate presented through a recruiting firm, the client pays a fee. That fee is based on many factors, including the client, location, industry, and type of position. The good news is that the fee does not impact a candidate’s salary or rate. Candidates who work with a recruiting firm reap the benefit of its knowledge, experience, and relationships at no charge!

Limit the Number of Recruiters You Work With at One Time

Now that you know the multiple ways a recruiter can help you, we also recommend not connecting with every recruiter in town. Some candidates believe that they will increase their opportunities by working with several local recruiters. This tactic can backfire. A recruiting relationship is best when it’s treated with mutual respect. While this doesn’t necessarily mean exclusivity, it does mean not more than a few. Several companies in the same geographic area looking for similar jobs are bound to start bumping into each other. Being submitted to the same job (and, at some companies, being submitted to any job) by more than one firm is often grounds for disqualification. It can also jeopardize the trust that a good partnership can enjoy.

Recruiting firms can meet you wherever you are in your job search. Whether you have a clear plan: small to medium company, healthcare industry, and looking for a salary in the $90-115k range, or if you haven’t figured out what the next step in your career should be, recruiters can help you make informed decisions. For more information on how we can partner with you and help you discover the next step in your career, please visit our About page or email us.

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